Carbon GT motor

Hi, I have a couple of questions about the motors on the Carbon as I’m looking to change my motors and want to buy something that will fit.

  1. Does anyone know what the shaft measurement is? The motors I’m looking at all say 8mm, but I don’t know what the stock ones are and I don’t have calipers…

  2. Does anyone know the max size motors 50xx/60xx that will fit on the stock mounts?

I’ve seen some aftermarket mounts that claim to be able to fit dual 6374’s on them, but the mounts don’t look like they’d create any additional horizontal space so I can’t see how that works? Or can you fit 6374’s on the stock mounts?

the shaft measurement is 8mm, but has a very large flat spot on it so you can pulleys that fit exactly onto them. 2. theoretically, only 50xx motors fit on the stock mounts. however some 63xx motors have spec sheets on their purchasing page and specify if they have a 50xx mounting pattern as well as a 63xx pattern.

the aftermarket mounts you’ve probably seen are by unik. and no it does not make any more horizontal space.

If you want a direct replacement for your carbon, go with racerstar 5065 140kv motors. the 200kv is very hard on the standard evolve esc

Ah ok I didnt realise that 63xx have a different mounting pattern, so if I’m going down that path I need to make sure it has a 50xx mounting pattern. I am looking more towards 150-170kv, and I’m also overhauling the BMS and ESC and have a new 10s5p so no need to worry about the stock ESC limitations.

If anyone has recommendations of suitable 50xx/60xx motors that will fit please help me out! I’ll see what racerstar has available in the meantime

thx for ur help!

@marcmt88 does mounts for a 63mm conversion. You will need to do the other changes you highlighted. bms esc and battery. Basically all you need to keep is the deck and trucks but be aware if you go full power on a 10s5p with 6374 motors then drop the dkp trucks if you want to go over 30mph. They become very unstable at speed. You can just convert them to tkp by removing the upper kingpin unit I believe.

Or gear it down for torque.

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Thanks for the tip! Yeah not really going for top-speed, 28mph is about as fast as I ever want to be on one of these things. I’m more going for bigger motors because I feel like they’d run a lot cooler and last longer as I sometimes tow a trailer with up to 50kg (of beer) in it :laughing: and add to that there’s a steep-ass hill right before I get home…


@marcmt88 I was emailing you about your mounts with a lot of annoying questions, I figure I may as well continue here so at least the answers are public.

So the mounts you sell also have the 63xx mounting patterns which the stock mounts do not? Because that would be a huge reason for me to buy them…

X-pattern of my Evolve GT motor mount allows any motor sizes from 50xx to 6374s.

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