Carbon motor mount 8$

I would be interested for atleast 2 complete sets. (Shipping to Sweden?)

Also interested in an aluminium and Carbon part with shipping to belgium :slight_smile:

Me too please

i’d be interested in a mount or two

I’d take 2

OK guys I am glad that this group buy is having a bit of success. Let me organize things a bit better:

What I wanted to do untill few minutes ago :make 10pcs group buy JUST FOR THE CARBON PART to save a bit of shipping fee

BUT since many people are interested in buying also the aluminum part this group buy could drift to another direction-----1 PROBLEM: aluminum manufacturing cost for small quantities (the only company I contacted offered 5$/piece-no shipping- if I buy 100pcs or more, BUT for a quantity they consider “sample”, the price will be 15$)

This is what I am going to do: ask few more companies whether they could let us pay a reasonable price (5-10$) for 10pcs. Otherwise I WILL GO JUST WITH THE CARBON PART and I will manage this group buy just form me and THE FIRST 10 COMMENTERS OF THIS TOPIC.

The rank for this group buy is:

@awcrusius @karma @michaeld33 @mishrasubhransu (would you be in also without the aluminum part?)* @OHS (would you be in also without the aluminum part?)* @Dunmer (would you be in also without the aluminum part?)* @Blacksheep (would you be in also without the aluminum part?)* @abenny (would you be in also without the aluminum part?)* @barajabali (would you be in also without the aluminum part?)

I sincerely hope to find a good deal for the aluminum in less than 3/4 days, but if I won’t be lucky I ask the * guy to stay in or leave BECAUSE I WILL PROCEED with the only-carbon group.

Thank you for the patience. PS shipping info in chat-----product info in the forum

I would only go for the 2 Parts. So if it is only the Carbon part then I will skip the group buy. Thx!

I just want two fully functioning mounts so yea I want both pieces

If you can only do the carbon part i only need 1. but if its the aluminum and the carbon i would be down for two, would be willing to pay a bit extra for aluminum if needed

I will take one carbon piece for sure

I would like the complete mount

Contact Nick @ He’s always given me great prices on small quantities of CF and aluminum cnced parts. Quality is great too.

I am only down for the complete set.

Any contacts in europe though?

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I am down for 2 complete sets.

I’d be interested in one full set!

interested in a few (about 4 fully funktional) kits. also i think 15$ for the alu part is not a problem!

I’ll buy a few in a group buy! :raised_hand:

Hi guys, I am waiting for 2 invoices from China. In the meanwhile please start choosing the shipping company and sending me the link/name of the service so that I will tell you exactly how much you will have to send by paypal (please consider grouping to save on the shipping/ to save my time).

Here are 2 things I didn t mention but they are pretty obvious: 1)if you pick untrackable shipping and the parcel gets lost you are protected from nobody (never happened to me but I heard stories on the internet) 2) I will not send nuts/bolts since the can be found in any hardware store and they increase shipping weight. I will tell you what to buy anyway.

BTW I am not selling the items, I am just disptaching them and I will pay the same amount you pay (maybe few cents less due to approximation).

PS (italian standard post service)


I would take 1set, with the alluminum part if that was possible