Carbon motor mount 8$

Hi guys. Since I read several issues with low thickness aluminum on motor mounts I decided to send enertion-inspired design to a carbon fiber company ( and the price they offered was pretty good: 8$/piece shipping included to my house (Italy) if I buy 10 pieces.

NOTE: this price is just for the carbon part, NOT THE ALUMINUM ONE*

For the shipping I will use the company you prefer (consider that non-trackable shipping to europe is 3,5€). Hope someone is interested.

*I also designed the aluminum part, but good rates (5$ without shipping) start in this case from 100 or more pcs and I don’t have time to dispatch 100 shippings.

Yes, it does look strange but I did it on purpose: this design doesn’t require to thread the holes.


Will these parts last? I mean is the quality good?

If you look at the company’s photos they show enertion motor mount. I asked them if they manufacured this parts in the past and they said yes but they couldnt share the design, therefore I had to design them from scratch. To answer your question: yes the quality is going to be the exact same of enertion’s.

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Actually it depends on what carbon Weave your use. Not sure what Enertion uses. I’m assuming it is the most tightly Weaved one.

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I can ask them the specs of the carbon. Tomorrow I will post it

They mentioned in the invoice 3k twill matte

Interesting. do you know what will be the price for 10 aluminum parts? I can do nothing with only half of the mount :worried:

lol I’m not surprised. If you look hard enough you can get each mount for around $10-20 in small quantities (even with screws and anodizing). This is why I always design my own parts.

This usually leads to acquiring new skills - so yes designing yourself (or at least modifying ) is great.

But sometimes it is nice to just buy (a mount) and focus on other parts ;-).


Would that company also be open to create that carbon part with (thicker) aluminium? The heat dissipation a full aluminum mount offers is something to not just neglect. Might help with a lot of “high drain” situations (i.e. going up a hill). That is why I personally would not order the enertion mount and rather go with many of the other options out there

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I’m sure it can be done. The carbon right now is perfect at 5mm thick. Not sure how thick other mounts are.

So are we talking about doing a group buy, because I am down.

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The nice part about carbon fiber is, that it has less weight than aluminium. The downside though is, that heat stays trapped at the motor.

Check this thread on ebuilders - the thermal images are quite interesting


On the design, did you already put the pieces together? It looks like that holes for the splint of the motor plate on the hangar mounting clamp are to close to the axle. (Which would result in the mounting plate “hitting” the axle) - but it might just the perspective

I would be down for a group buy!

Any idea how thick other mounting plates made of metal are?

All the designs fit perfectly since I assembled them on adobe inventor. Carbon fiber thickness is 5mm (as enertion’s). The aluminum part (2nd drawing) is designed to be 15mm, but if you choose a strong alloy like 7075 I believe 10mm will be enough. I am sorry to offer just half of the mount but If you buy less than 100pcs you will pay at least 15$ just for the aluminum. Anyhow THIS IS A GROUP BUY so please hands up :raised_hand: if you are interested. Please let me know if you need further info.

I’m in. But I’d also need to aluminum part, so… - But, I’d be willing to pay $15 for the aluminum.

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You guys are free to help me find a better deal on the internet. Just search custom cut aluminum on alibaba and send the request (I will post the drawings later). I wasn t too concerned with the aluminum part since it is crazy easy to make at home and super cheap (5$ if you pick up the best alloy).

I am up for 2 pairs. Even better, if we replace everything with aluminum, no? A little pricier but it will conduct heat better.

Hey try and ask a company call atomatics in Pittsburgh Pa. And see if they can beat the price!

Im interested to buy a motor mount (carbon + alu part) How much total and shipping to Denmark?