Carbon mount question

Hello so I’m in the process of changing a few things on my board and motor mount is one of the things I’m change. I’m now marking the motor plate and have some 2.5mm carbon plate do you recon that will be thick enough or should I bond two pieces together and have 5mm. Thanks.

I think 2.5mm is way too thin - 2 or 3 layers may be needed to keep it rigid. it will largely depend on length of the mount and the increased leverage/torque from the motor the further out it is.

Anyone know how thick the Enertion CF mount is? I have one at home i can measure if someone doesn’t have info handy.

Enertion CF mount is 5 mm thick my man.

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Trampa’s carbon panel is also 5mm thick.

Thanks @Themegak and @SteveS for confirming. so 5mm should work - but it’ll also depend on the mount length - longer will need thicker to reinforce for more torque/leverage on the mounting point. Or will flex/break.

I’d start w/ 5mm since it seems to work for Enertion and Trampa - anyone have the length measurement to compare with for him?

You’re welcome, @sl33py I have the Trampa mount and it’s very long (it uses a 375mm belt) and I have no problem with flex, so you should be fine.

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Thanks for all the info I will try 2 layers and see how I get o not sure if will have enough for 3.