Carbon Python | Hi5ber Python | Caliber II’s | Single 6374 | Hi-Output VESC | 12S Lipo

Thought I would share my second build. Pretty clean and simple.

Stuck with the python theme of the board by doing a custom grip tape job.

Custom @RunPlayBack enclosure (AWESOME). Nice and sturdy. Held on with adjustable clevis pins I set into the board.

Inside is 4 5200 mah Multistar packs. They have worked great so far (~100 miles). I get a range of around 8 miles per charge and paid $55 for the set! Wired in series for 12S. Sort of annoying to balance charge though with 8 connections.

Close-up of wiring harness.

@torqueboards motor mount works great. Hard to see but I put lock washers between each bolt so I can really torque them down without damaging the aluminum (highly recommend).

Anti-spark is built into the bullet connector, really simple on/off. I used a D shape automotive gasket from ebay to create a weather resistant gasket. Hi-output VESC from @chaka handles everything I throw at it barely getting over 35C.

VESC Settings:

Board runs great! 83mm wheels, has a top speed of 25 mph and plenty of torque to get up hills (I weigh 225 lbs). Total board weight is 14 lbs.

Drivetrain specs:


Motor Kv and type/ I was wondering about going a 12S set up too

updated description. 170 kv motor. An old 6374 (10mm shaft) from Alien that I had sitting around.

Looking great! Have you thought about mounting that voltage display to the enclosure?

I have thought about it but decided against it. I like how I can completely remove the enclosure and set it to the side with no wires attached (like an rc car).

I also thought about putting a clear window on the enclosure but couldn’t bear the thought of harming it haha.

I pretty much know the range so no need to see it during riding.

That deck is awesome!

Just rode this beast home through my hilly commute with a 45 lb backpack. Total weight + board was 280 lbs.

Handled it no problem :grin:

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Just noticed this tread, this carbon deck looks sweeet, nice build. How are those multistar lipos doing? Many people write they’re crappy, as they have really low C rating, that’s probably still far exaggerated by hobby king.

I saw that other people were complaining as well which made me a little concerned. However, after putting ~200 miles on them they still work great. I certainly can’t complain for a $55 total power pack.

I set the max current draw to 52 amps based on the 10C rating. I never really notice any sagging.

I bought each one of my eight turnigy 6S 5000 mAh bricks for EMTB for about the same price You spend on entire pack, if it works You got yourself probably one of the cheapest power sources out there.

haha I know. I got each one for $13 on hobbyking cyber monday last year. Come to think of it, I probably have closer to 400 miles on them by now.

@whitepony I saw what you had going on with the jetspud/freebord bindings and figured I should give them a try myself :slight_smile:

Haven’t hit the streets yet but jumps and 180’s are manageable on the now 15 lb board. Can’t wait to take it out this weekend!


awesome! :grinning: the front inner truck mounting holes were not working for you?

Im still waiting for electronics and pushing really sucks :disappointed:

Hard to tell in the picture but there are actually two sets of mounting holes for each truck, so they actually did work.

I still may drill an additional set of mounting holes anyway. I like the bindings to be pitched outward just a little bit more and the current holes don’t allow for that. It would also provide a more stable mounting position since currently there is quite a large cantilever force with the screws so close together. I assume that’s why freebord has their binding holes mounted further apart as well.