Carrying eskate on buses/trains (Public transit)

Tried to go on the bus yesterday since it was raining, bus driver stopped me from boarding and told me that the battery would explode???

Has anyone been stopped for going on public transit for carrying an eskate?

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What’s it look like

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I’m not convinced the bus drivers are actually aware I’m boarding when I get on the bus lol. No but for real I’ve never had any problems on Buses, the CTA (subway) or the train. Well actually I had a guy working on the train ask me about it and I explained how it worked and stuff, but didn’t have a problem with it. Oh and my board looks about as sketchy and modified as they can get lol, I have a hideous enclosure.

I ask because batteries outside an enclosure will definetly make sure it so a bus driver is justified in saying not to let it on but a boosted or inboard look will almost never make people think twice, I speak from experience. 3 years ago I had everything strapped to my board with tape and zip ties, now I take my board anywhere I want without a second glance or with people asking how they can get one

Response should be, you have a phone right? Does it run on magic?

Also this goes to the point I made in the earlier thread, you look easy to pick on :yum:

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It looks like a normal board but with a psychotiller 22 on it and a reverse mounted motor

Fuck lol, gotta start dressing and being a douche now

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Yea man in that case I’d just say it was bad luck, I don’t have that problem with hub motors anymore

Maybe he knows your forum handle. Can’t trust a retarded pillow with volatile batteries


I use NYC buses/subway all time when it raining with my eskate with no problems.