Carving is fun, but watch the road you're riding [not safe for squeamish]

For sure, i need to get them anyway because my hands are freezing by the time i get to my train. I probably won’t use guards though.

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I know this is an old thread, but it is still really important. Last night I stumbled onto this thread and was inspired to invest in some new gloves and pads, as I will always ride my esk8 with safety gear when it arrives in a couple weeks.

Tonight I decided to ride my penny home from work and ate it when I thought I could slow myself with a wide carve and the rear wheels slid out. I had no gloves or pads or helmet on. It is good that I know how to fall correctly, but in the split second before I connected with the payment, I instinctually put my hands out. I touched the asphalt for all of an instant but it was enough to skin both of my palms slightly, and put a hole in my jacket and my pants. This can/will never happen again.

Let me tell you, the impact, the sudden momentary loss of breath, and even the blood does not suck as much as having to tweeze bits of rock and dirt out from under the skin on your palms where it got jammed.

I will never ride again (esk8 or downhill) without pads or gloves.

I bought helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads, all from triple 8. Promised myself I would never ride without them. And I haven’t! However I took a spill 2 weeks ago and hit my hip.

Just found out today it’s NOT BROKEN! Bought these… Thanks @smurf! They seem pretty bad ass. Just thought I’d throw in a little extra protection!


When I went down hard my hip and elbows took most of damage.

Yeah I have a few holes in my hands, and my elbow is skinned, but my hip hurts the worst out of all of them! Ha. I didn’t know hip protection existed until I just saw your picture of the hillbillies.