Carving is fun, but watch the road you're riding [not safe for squeamish]

Something I don’t see get talked about all too much on here are pavement types. I’m sure a seasoned longboarder would know how different roads handle and what is/isn’t safe to ride. But for a greenhorn like myself, I tend to test the limits of what’s safe.

Long story short, I trusted a turn a little too much and paid for it. I made a sharp left turn (regular style) on 97mm 78A duro wheels on shitty worn asphault and traction gave way causing me to lose balance and slam to the ground. No broken bones and nothing I won’t heal from, but it cost me a nice ding on my phone, a big gash on my remote, a hole in my hoodie, and some blood.

Stay safe!


These wrist guards don’t get in the way of holding the remote and will save your wrists and palms.

Gloves not included


whats that protruding from your palm?


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Any link to those?

I have these same wrist guards, they are great!

what do you guys think of this:

Won’t the fingerless kind be better so you could hold the remote more comfortably?

Thx @Namasaki I’ve been looking for wrist protection that doesn’t get in the way of the remote.

Anyone try these?

they also make 1/2 glove style too

I have those bought for my eMTB, just waiting for new ESC to use instead of VESC in my eMTB. It has 2 splints one on palmside, second on the opposite, it’s really decently made glove. I had broken my wrist snowboarding few years back, and as I want to avoid it happening again I use wrist guards , as my eMTB has bindings the risk is similar so I decided to use it too.

Got them at a local skate shop

You can find them on Muirskate and on Amazon. For example:

The sizing is the circumference around your wrist.

@Jinra always have gloves on my friend!!

The one time I didn’t I fell on my boosted. After that I swore to keep the on even if I’m gonna go out for 10 seconds.

I use these.

I was checking on Amazon last night too for wrist guards and I think the Dakine one is a better buy. Thanks to this thread, I’m reconsidering getting full gloves now that fall/winter is coming and that’s when I’ll do most of my riding.

What Dakine guard? Link please? :smiley: You ride in the winter? But theres snow and slush thats gonna get in the wheels D:

I was going to suggest just wearing some light motorbike gloves like @Photorph suggested…

However I feel his gloves are a bit overboard, they are a bit bulky and made for crashing at speeds over 100 km/h, plus that price tag!

something like this would be more than enough for a longboard:

or even

It’s a lot more expensive in Canadian dollars. This Dakine one has a lot more positive reviews on the USA Amazon site. I live next to a big Amazon shipping factory in Texas. It’ll get cool, but won’t snow until February/March, IF EVEN.

dammit it snows like 4 months here :frowning: yall lucky americans, half of isnt on .ca and some of the good stuff dont even have prime :’(

The only thing is those gloves you recommended don’t have wrist impact protection.

The gloves I have look bulky, but if they fit you well they are actually pretty functional. But the fit really has to be perfect.

Your gloves are definitely better and offer more protection, of course. If people have the money to spend they should obviously go for something better.

At the same time, there was some light padding on the inside of the palm in the gloves I suggested and a bit of wrist support, however you really shouldn’t be falling on your wrists anyway…

I was just saying that if you have a tighter budget you can get some really nice gloves from motorbike stores at around $20 that will be so much better than wearing nothing at all.

Ive fallen off my motorbike several times and even the thinner stuff really save your hands!

I guess what I wanted to really say is, have a look at motorbike shops too, even go into one and try some gloves on, you can find things for every budget, weather and protection level!

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