CarvLab “Esk8Plate” - Modular Mounting System

Disclaimer - I am in no way affiliated with neither the makers nor products. I just follow an unhealthy amount of Esk8 related media and report things I see back to the forums

They have a few cool stuff that I don’t really care for on there but their “Esk8Plate” has caught my interest. Thoughts ? Constructive Criticisms?

Edit: Ah yes and as far as I can tell , no this is not Carvon nor carvon related.

Edit: Change the link to the actual page about the Esk8plate since it seems to have more information and I ain’t no shill.

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why in fucks sake is it SO incredibly expensive for ONE side of the board :sob: :rofl: oooook


The price is quite high, cant be sure my wallet can take that for what it is…


The Price being high as it is make me do a strong huh when I saw it and the rest of their offerings.

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I like your way with words… teasing :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe theyre special… somehow…?

Maybe , trying to see if it’s maybe due to manufacturing cost + anodizing that accounts for some of the price (I try not to dog any vendor on profit pricing since I’ve seen how hard they can work).

I do like this though:

Further we have made the CAD files for our base system available on the page below, so our customers themselves, as well as other companies can expand the ecosystem with attachments of their own design, leaving the only limitation to be your own imagination, and that of our industry as a whole!

Edit: @anon64938381 this may also account why :

All Precision CNC Machined from Aircraft Grade 6061 billet aluminum right here in the USA at our Boise, Idaho HQ and Factory.

I mean it looks cool but for the price of one plate you could just get a set of shredlights for front and back.

I agree though this system to me seems better and more versatile than shreadlights , if it works like intended I can see mounting applications for this , something similar to this

I though this was a whole deck length plate for attaching all your shit too. That would be pretty cool.

This is kinda cool too, minus the price of $100 for a trailer hitch

Deck length? Like the entire deck? How would one ride ?

Nah I should have said enclosure length. Everything connects straight to it apart from trucks, that way it’s an easy disconnect for replacement parts

Oooo I see, I wonder if the Picatinny System is strong enough for that.

Do you mean the rails type thing that are on guns?

Well that’s what it looked like

Yeah, those since that’s one of the things they’re using for lights.

not even going to lie I didnt think it was made from aluminum as I didnt have my glasses on when I looked O.O"

I guarantee you that you can get these parts for sub 30 bucks from China, including anodize. Ofc you’d need to order ~50 for that pricing but they’re a business.

If manufacturing cost is significantly higher for them then they either didn’t do research or the parts have no DFM.

Also, lolz Screenshot_20190223-150643


Ive been thinking about making a picatinny rail plate for a while. Maybe i should just do it.


Probably, but if they do machine them and anodize them in the US to avoid a Superstar scenario, then that’s also something to take into consideration. But screw the price, no one’s here (I might depending on a few things actually) is going to truly buy from these guys. Let’s talk about the potential applications os similar tech like this.

Really don’t know why they just don’t unlist it instead of setting it to the highest price when they don’t have them available.


Edit: and since we’re on the topic of Picatinny Systems:

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After contacting them I was able to get them to fix their download link on their website. They allow people to use a SVG file for Mouting holes and a Step File of the Mounting Plate to create compatable accessories.

Using 3D Hubs , I printed out two Mounting Plates in PLA for test fitting purposes.

They’re mainly for the Orca but I only have my Boosted on hand so I used it to see how it aligns with mounting holes and hangs over the edge.

I can see why the aluminum might be necessary since it does hang over and can act as a Bump Guard (I think the girls allow for the Minying Plate to hang back) , for boosted the Picatinny guard I linked above would be better since it shapes with the nose better. (From the look of the pictures on the website seems I place it on backwards?)

Ganna buy the Picatinny Rail Mounts to Test out how fitting goes.

While the price may be steep I dont kind it of it serves to do what I want it to.

I’ll keep it updated.

Did they do a price drop? I checked again and I can’t remember what it was before, but the single plate is $50 bucks now. That’s pretty reasonable since they’re made in the US.

I have no idea , but if so I might cop if the mounting system is what I’m looking for