Carvon and EXO Boards. They won't deliver. Have I been scammed?

I bought AN EXO BOARD from Carvon two months ago. They charged my card and I am out the money. I can not get them to give me a delivery date. They promise me an answer and never deliver. Anyone else having this experience? I hope these guys are not scamming me. Help!!I

They do deliver boards and have just been focusing on that more than getting updates out. It’s just how they decided to handle production. Keep in mind this is pretty much a single person working on getting these boards out.

If you prefer not to have the wait it would be better to just do a charge back but they certainly continue to deliver. That much is certain if you ask more of their customers here so it certainly isn’t a scam.

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I appreciate the feedback. I am prepared to wait. However, I would appreciate a delivery date and would love to hear from anyone out there who has gotten a board recently. Thanks

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No problem. as for the delivery date @Mikenopolis used to reach out on behalf of others concerned of their orders to jerry/@LEVer himself but He no longer does so because he isn’t associated with Carvon in any way and just wanted to help backers and other customers out and it just became tiresome on @mikenopolis’ part after awhile

I think there’s a thread about Carvon delivery times here and you aren’t the only one waiting. Others have waited much longer(many months or even a year) though that obviously doesn’t help, you can ask them for their feedback too.

If you check the indiegogo campaign some have been delivered. They are going out, it’s just a waiting game now. My guess, It’s going to be a month or two for him to get all the back orders out.

I ordered mine over a year ago. It does seem like there is slow progress tho.

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You’d probably get yours before the IGG backers. Seems like that’s how carvon fulfills the orders. The later you order the sooner you get your order.

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It’s not because I’m tired. I could do customer assistance all day since part of my normal job assist sales people and various employees and I sit in front of various monitors for a living.

The reason I took a step back with the communication was because Jerry is an adult. He came on when he had those few weeks off and answered questions, explained the delays and people slowly got their stuff. Then parts started arriving at his shop and he stopped being on the forum to work on drives, boards and people were still getting stuff.

He had his list and is working down it and delivering as fast as he can. So me relaying message actually slows down the process a bit and diverts his attention.


apologies I kinda jumped to that conclusion and retract my previous statement on that :persevere: hope that sheds light on the situation more @MPA

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Got my EXO Pro today. Finally. Didn’t get a chance to try it yet since the charger that came with it is a very slow one. By the time I got it charged sun is already gone. Need to get a faster charger.


That’s great news, how long ago did you order? Please report back with your impressions.

Early bird on the Indigogo. That was about a year ago.

I received the tracking number of EXO Pro. I am also Early Bird of IGG.

Weird that the Kickstarter backers (before IGG) don’t seem to be receiving the boards first

Was there a KS for EXO? Thought the board was only on IGG

He’s probably referring to the Evo from KS.

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Yup. I know they’re different boards but the motor is the rate limiting item and that’s the same between the Exo/Evo, right?


The EXO motors are different. EXOs are making more progress compared to the EVOs. I think it comes down to EXO motors being mostly made Koowheel motors with minor machining needed where as the EVOs needed more assembly, and had issues with measurements.

EXO current hold up is lack of decks. EVOs…I have no idea, just that LHB has three build he’s been commissioned and PAID for.

Just going to drop this here, any other vendor would have been annihilated on this forum for this kind of delay and lack of contact, while still processing new orders.


Yup. Just like a student who didn’t do their homework and is still being given more homework. Destined to fail

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