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Yes I’m in the same boat worried about clearance a bit…but I did get 97 first then I went back to 90 thinking was gonna be tight and it was ok…but as I’ve learned those drives are fast as fuck…the mid rangeto top end is wild it will break traction with me at half throttle…lol…cheap wheels need more width I’m really light I’m built like a woman135 to 145 I bounce in weight like a yoyo…im 5.6 …so that board is a night street runner up in the country where no one is around I have the hole road to myself …and also on the bike and beach trails where the tarmac is in perfect condition …so I’ve decided to build another hoping for some v4 torquedrive will be more of a city ripper…

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I’ll measure the 97mm and 90mm clearance tonight when I get home …let you know what it is…now if you getting the torque drive it will be totally different size then the speed drive and the xl drives…

SDs have 70mm outside diameter. TD has 75mm OD

SDR = 90mm to 97mm wheels

SDXL = 97mm to 107mm wheels

TD = 97mm to 150mm wheels (must use VESC-based ESC for 100mm+ wheels)


OMGoshhh @LEVer are you saying I can run pnuemie tires on the torque drives…if so… o shit son…even more pumped

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Is there a conversion cable for sensor wire of torque drive? What is the maximum amp of torque drive? Because it became impossible to purchase only torque drive, EXO is also attractive as a custom base.

Are you make adapter for the carvon exo that you can use pneumatic wheels?

Holy shit guys. I am out in the carvons now on the 107s. What a ducking revelation.

Posting this from my phone so ignore the spelling mistakes. Just so excited. Will write a full report when back. Gonna our 10-15 miles on them. image


Sexy thing u got there :smiley:


Yes, but you have to get the Ackmaniac’s app and activate “braking-then-reverse” if you’re gonna use SixShooters. It’s the only way you will stop, especially going downhill.


Wwwwwoooohhhhwwww…sorry rick flair got me…this is AMAZING Jerry…so pumped my order is definitely getting bigger by the minute now…two V4TD drives and both kegal and flywheel adapters for me please…that is a 110% sold …just waiting for you to take my money @LEVer

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Left wires are from TD motors, right is from sensor cable/connector like this:


Max amps to put on VESC should be 40A, even lower if motor really heats up. Use Ackmaniac’s app to adjust throttle-curve, watts settings, braking-reverse on bigger wheels.



Those slips right onto clone wheel adapters, so you need clone adapters for SixShooters.

You can ask @trancejunkiexxl, he has extra :joy:


Thank you for the information. It is a board that seems to be quite enjoyable.

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How’s the braking?

I would love to hear about this as well, in addition to the power delivery vs the 97’s

I get a lot of questions about using pneumatics on Carvon V4. I have only used sixshooters on TD. Really want to use sixshooters in SD and XL, there seems to be plenty of interest (read demand from people willing to pay) for adaptor that fits SD and XL. Seems like only a few modifications to existing TD adaptor from @psychotiller, to the axle hole/lip and drip hole plates and then can use the same sixshooter adaptor that bolts into the wheel and pairs with the new adaptor plate?

Any ability to get this available? I know there are a lot of other higher priorities but sa like only a few design modifications someone could make then CNC?

@psychotiller @LEVer @mikenyc @Mikenopolis

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@trancejunkiexxl and I discovered, with a slight mod to the inside SixShooter wheel half, you don’t need adapters to mount SixShooters to xl hubs. He has pics too!


The new and longer XL adapters along with the SixShooter adapters should get you going. Just need to go 4WD with SpeedDrive on SixShooters.

Or did I miss sending something?

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Great! Any pix @trancejunkiexxl?

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:drooling_face:…let me wipe that up…@mutantbass your making me jealous and even more flustered… drooling on your pic…can’t wait for the updat

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