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The post on the indiegogo page (3 November) said that the board would come with shredlights. Is it still the case?

Yes, @LEVer confirmed it a couple of days ago.

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We did an updated on IGG 2 days ago. We mentioned it there.

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Arc de triumph - Barcelona.

I am going on all these new paths I wouldn’t go before due to bad ride quality :slight_smile:


Hey Jerry, kindly provide Carvon Evo shipment status.

We will start EVO 2WD shipping next week. We have shipped EVO 4WD, we have started shipping EXO Pro this week, we will ship SpeedDrive XL this week. By next week, we definitely will have more time for the EVO 2WD. I’ll give an update on it just like I’m updating other product lines.


That is fantastic news on the XL’s! I hope I’m near the top of the list, cause I’m moving in a couple weeks and would really like to get these before I don’t have this address anymore.

Meeting Dave later, gonna check how many hangers I have. If it’s 10 or a bit more, you may be in since there’s not really a lot of pending XL orders. Most got the refunded already. :joy:


Sorry I missed that part. To exited I guess.

hopefully be in there got the hyperbeast deck other day to go with the xl’s…gunna be a sexy steallthy lil beauty of a board

Hi all,

I’m new and been following the Carvon build for a while. I’m thinking of dipping my toes any buying the 2WD board which will be my first e-board. @LEVer or anyone else who might have some solid information as there are a lot of threads here and other websites out there with mixed info… What is the current turn around time or what is the best time to place an order so that it could be shipped without waiting in a long queue to be built.

I can wait and be patient while all the production kinks get ironed out. I rather not put money down and get anxious and start asking the obvious question “where’s my board” like everyone else and add to the stress.

I’m new to the scene for e-boards, forgive me if I don’t have all the obvious information.


If you’ve got experience bombing hills, then the EVO 2WD is for you. It’s fast and doesn’t do anything when you let go of the throttle, just keeps on going the same speed, kinda like downhill. This board is fast, maybe too fast for some. It also doesn’t like to turn, it just wants to go straight…and fast.

The EXO Pro is a more practical board. It has better low-end torque and control. That’s helpful when there’s lots of traffic around you, think of stop-and-go. It also has reverse, EVO doesn’t. The deck is designed for carving and a snowboard stance. If I’m going to use the board for commuting, I’ll pick the EXO Pro. Exo Pro on the weekdays, EVO 2WD/4WD on the weekends.

EXO Pro is available right now and ships in 1 - 2 days of ordering. We are ramping up production.


Happy to see that you are prompting up the production. Has a IGG backers I haven’t been contacted yet. Is it normal? when should I expect it?

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Just a quick question: Is the Carvon EMax still a thing?

@LEVer hi, thanks for the quick reply. Do you know when the Evo 2WD will be ramping up production to where it can ship 1-2 days of ordering like the EXO Pro is now?

You really summed things up well. I think the Evo 2WD is for me. I’m currently riding a Evo standard length non-electric long board so I’m familiar with its ride. As long as there are breaks I’m good with the speed with the electric motor.

thanks so much LEVer

Jerry, how many Evo boards has actually shipped to Kickstarter backers? Chris in Toronto is a non backer so he don’t count. LHB was sent parts to build a few more Evo. Are those for non backers as well? How long before the first 10 Kickstarter backers will receive their evo boards? My order # is in the 60’s so I imagine I have ways to go?

We are going by backer number. The first ones are always slow to build, but we will get faster as we get used to building them.

Are you a mind reader? :thinking:

Yep, think of EXO Pro with VESCs and SixShooters. :wink:


VESC-based boards are more complicated to assemble. Even if we get the final design down, assembling them won’t be fast. So it will take a while before we get a turn-around of 1 - 2 days for them.

With regards to the EVO 2WD, are you splitting the workload between yourself and LHB, or is LHB going to be the primary builder? Just curious. Thanks!