Carvon evo (modified) Sold

Brand new just built(will include more info tomorrow) Specs: Carvon v3 motors Abec 97mm flywheels Enertion focboxs Thumb drive controller 12s5p battery 30q cells copper and nickel strip, batterysupports bms with e switch 12s 2amo charger Custom abs enclosure Build was meant to destroy any other board preformance wise, with a high voltage battery bragging 15000 mah, it’s the follow up of the previous raptor slayer with upgrades in all areas except speed. This is better than the carvon evo in everyway for a similar or better price and no wait. Got injured on thanksgiving and won’t be riding for quite a while but still gotta pay bills so sadly my loss = your gain. Pm me offers I’m located in California


Build looks awesome ! @willpark16 any plans for making a few videos ? uphill ride ?

I wish but doctor said anywhere from 1-6 months no riding, I got one test ride in on some pretty steep hills near me and it handled like a champ, didn’t do a Range test but I didn’t get any noticeable sag

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how much and are you in southern or northern Cali?

He’s asking about 1600$

SoCal. Orange County to be exact

Not bad V3/V4 is at $600 now, FocBoxes would be $300 retail. so $700 for 12s5p battery, BMS, enclosure, etc and labor

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Any pictures of this, or is there a separate build thread?

He has one pic at the top of the thread

@caustin Good point guys!

Everything inside is completely modular and removable, the components are velcroed down wiith Velcro rated for 5ibs per square inch

Just shoot me any offer, hoping to sell before Christmas

$50 sounds pretty fair /s


I’ll bump it up, $51 USD


52 dollars and not a penny more


For real though,This one is a steal.Ive bought 2 carvon drives 1000+Usd not including the 107 ABEc wheels or landyatchz evo deck or the battery the drives and battery alone 2k + and then not including the price of vesc 4 of them… rip my exspensive build, someone should grab this while they can


well, I’ll put that penny more to make it $52.01

Price drop to $1000 product is brand new


@willpark16 Ill take it, PM me your paypal address.


$1000 is literally a steal for all this…

Son of a B. Beat me to it again! What are you building over there an 10WD? 100s50p?