Carvon EXO Pro deck swap

I currently ride a deck swapped Meepo v1.5 Sanyo. I did a deck swap to the dB coreflex board. I just got my Carvon EXO Pro and it has a landyach deck that is very stiff. Other then the Carvon V4 direct drive it seems like the other components are very similar to koowheel. Is there anyway to deck swap my new Carvon EXO Pro to a DB coreflex. My concern is will the dB coreflex have to much flex for the commonets that run along the bottom of the board. Any input would be appreciated

the EXO Pro’s ESC and remote is from Koowheel. the motor is a modified Koowheel hub. The battery and enclosure is made by @psychotiller. That battery and enclosure is not meant to flex and the Coreflex is way too flexy for it.


I wonder if you could brace it so it won’t flex as much, could be interesting if possible :grin:

Thanks, that’s what I thought. Too bad. You said the motor is a modified koowheel hub? I thought the motor was Carvon’s v4 motor?

V4 comes in three variation, SPEED, TORQUE and XL (Extra Long)…the Torque Drive is a the motor from Koowheel. Don’t let that be a turn off as majority of motors are basically from the same factories

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Oh wow I had no idea, thanks

It’s also got the highest torque among the 3 variants, hence the name torque drive with top end going to the speed drives but not a whole lot

That enclosure will not support flex for that deck swap but you could just do a motor swap. Move the torque drives to another board.