Carvon inspired custom motor

Inspired by carvon, there will be a 6374 60kv inside It will be mounted on evolve gt trucks


You should try to use the sk3 6374 motor can with magnets and make an adapter, like you did now,for the wheels that fits on the rotor can. That is what Carvon did and would be really interesting to sell here :slight_smile: Since carvon is maybe going to stop producing the seperate hub motors

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Sk3 6374 's kV are at least 149kv, which for my case, is way too high, even for most of the hub motor build here I suppose carvon did made their own hub on their v2 and v2.5 which has 75kv and 85 kV respectively (not sure but the numbers are similar) I’m planning to install 100mm mbs wheels on there

TL;DR: SK3 motors does not fit for my build

THB I don’t think carvon will let me sale coz in terms of time his motor are nearly out while mine is in the works, though I got that idea a while ago

just reterminate from delta to wye!

you will have 85kv :slight_smile: That is what carvon did, I believe

the V2 is 149 kv and is delta wired the V2.5 is the same motor but wye wired => 149kv /sqrt(3) = 85kv

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Carvon 2 was the 149 kv SK3. At some point Jerry offered to change the terminations from delta to wye, which brought the Kv down to 85. Carvon 2.5 was the that same SK3 motor in wye configuration, just a different mating mechanism (think he offered 2 kv options). I believe the Carvon Evo has 6364 SK3’s wound from the factory in wye configuration, normally rated 190kv but 110 kv for his setup.

When you get down to 60 kv, you are throttling the power and efficiency of your motors because you can never reach the ideal range of rpms (30-60k erpm) using conventional voltage levels. At 12s 60kv you’re maxed out at 18k erpm, can’t really get around that. Sure, you get loads of torque at low speeds but you’re cutting max power in half and greatly increasing your copper losses at any speed above 5 mph.

There’s a reason you rarely see eMTB hubs, and almost never see esk8 motors with a kv below 75.

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What kv will you suggest if I’m gonna use a 100mm mbs wheel? I’m using a 12s1p a123 with 38.4V nominal voltage.

Looks very cool. I am actually designing something similar myself for own use. I really like the idea of swappable wheels but want to use a caliber truck and single hub motor.


How will you secure the stator too the axle/truck and how is the wheel hub connected to the rotor can? :slight_smile:

The mounting method will be similar to @zeinstra 's:

Also, there will be a square whole at the end for fixing to the stator

Can you build me one?