CarvOn v2.5 dual mount coming loose, motor sparked bench testing, +more

Starting with tl;dr, look below for more info:

CarvOn v2.5 motor mounts are coming loose, vibrating and sounds awful. Water got in SpaceCell Pro voltage display, killed 1/3rd of display and changed mode to L3, took enclosure off to make sure there wasn’t any water, changed display mode back to L10, testing to make sure it is correct and motor sparked, smelled like smoke, about crapped my pants.

My motors started sounding different the last couple of rides, noticed mostly while pulling the board behind me in hand. Trying to figure out what was wrong, I noticed that the motor mounts are coming loose!

To be honest, I have no idea how these motors are mounted, let alone how to tighten them or stop them from coming loose in the future. Is this a common problem? I’ve never heard of this happening before.

Riding yesterday, I rode through a small puddle at the bottom of a driveway, and water got into my voltage display. I am using a SpaceCell Pro, and was under the impression that it was relatively water resistant. I’ve ridden through small puddles before and not had an issue, but this one was luck of the draw I guess. Looking in the enclosure, I can see that it is hot glued all around the inside.

The water in the display changed the display mode, (I tore the button off previous), so I took the SpaceCell off to make sure there was no water in the enclosure, because that’s the only way I could think that the display mode would change. There was no water, I then attempted to change the display mode back to what it was (about 1/3 of the display no longer works, the last digit and percent sign, so at 100%, I see 10, so I figure I can still see generally how charged it is), and then to make sure the voltage meter was working correctly, I powered it on, and ran the motors to see if the voltage reacted. Then, the motor sparked, which about gave me a heart attack as I really don’t want to set fire to my dorm.

The motor has never sparked before, I have no idea why this would happen. It seemed like it would be a short in the motor? It definitely smelled like smoke immediately after. Maybe the loose motor mounts are vibrating the phase wires and wearing through their seal inside the motor? I (tentatively) tested the board again a few minutes later and it did not spark, and both motors ran fine.

I do not have much experience with these things, and am definitely learning as I go. Someone familiar with CarvOns can hopefully chime in! Maybe @RunPlayBack? I also know Jerry no longer uses these forums, should I message him as well? The motors have probably less than 100 miles on them.

Be sure to message Jerry on facebook or the carvonskates website! I have never heard of this before but I’m sure he will help you out. I don’t have any practical experience unfortunately since I am still waiting for my dual v2.5’s to arrive.

My intuition is that your mounts (you mean those silver rings right before the motor, right?) just got loose through vibration and caused some mechanical alteration which led to a shortcut due to the water which should normally not be such a big deal. Not sure if there is more than water behind your battery/display stuff.

I would hit Jerry up. He’d know best. I’ve been riding a Carvon v2 and v2.5 with no issues. Running motors through water could be problematic though. Might rust up your bearings too.

As for your display, it’s easy to replace. Just buy another battery indicator lcd and swap it out. Only two wires to solder. The Space Cell’s are not water resistant and even though the lcd is glued down, it’s not water tight.

This is the one I use.

Email Jerry at Carvonskates he’s really good about standing behind his products. And don’t try to fix it yourself those motors are a little complicated.

Haven’t really had any problem’s with my V2’s or V2.5’s but I’d advise not to ride in heavy rain or through small puddles. Although it’s tempting it’s usually better to just walk or find alternate transportation than risk water getting into the electronics. No matter how sophisticated the weather resistance may be, it’s still something I’m pretty vigilant about unless it’s exclusively an all terrain kind of build. I would hit up Jerry about your motor issues. Although he’s not on the forum he’s pretty active on email and very helpful with troubleshooting or repairs.

Would a single v2 or v2.5 be enough for me? i weight around 185 pounds and live on flat ground. Would be using a 10s3p

It should be fine for flat ground. The V2 will have higher top speed The V2.5 would have less top speed but more torque. Probably best to get V2.5 for single drive