So I have my hands on a V2.5 Single Hub

And will post my thoughts abt it here as I get the build going.

Really a great piece of engineering. Very clean looking. Feels nice and solid in your hands.

90mm Red Wheels look awesome. Carbon Fiber cap. It’s all mounted on raw 10 inch Fun Box House Trucks 190mm axle.

Seems there is some ducted cooling slots built in…looks like little fan blades to suck cool air into the bell housing to cool the stator.

When I get this attached to a board, I’ll be testing it out using a TB 12s ESC.

Edit: I’ll need to use a VESC I am told … so till I get a VESC - Actually testing will be on hold


It is a rewound SK3 149kv motor (which also has the same air vent) - so a different ESC should work. Maybe not as nicely as a VESC but it should still work.

I think FOC is the way to go to take advantage of the stealth factor…I’d like to have a silent board

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Motor next to the V2.5 is an SK3 149kv don’t see those black fins…and is it me or does the Carvon look larger?

Turn it around - vents are on the other side :wink:

Also the carvon has an additional metal housing which makes it a little bigger in diameter.

I guess ur right…it’s dark in there

It’s darn neat to look at …def a coffee :coffee: table conversation piece lol

You can see it in my topic where we talked about the broken SK3 and I disassembled mine.

Yeah that was a while back … they should put those suckers on all motors

Nice, looking forward to getting my pair next. I was told @Michaelinvegas gets his stuff first lol lol !!:grinning:

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Having just switched from dual belt motors to dual 2.5, I must say that these carvon motors are tits! I’m 170# and these things get me up the steep hills around my place no problem. Braking is real nice, just have to be cautious about hitting big hills at speed. Without the pulleys and all that my board feels like a skateboard now (also sounds like one). I like how the motors have a nice solid protective cover and ventilation. The fun box front truck is a little wimpy looking so I put a surf rodz on there. These things haul ass also! I feel way more comfortable going fast on hubs for some reason. Thanks Jerry!


Sooooo sorrry…

Just finished


If you notice the light shining up…that is to illuminate me so people can see that there’s a person too and not just a board…

If you ride with me…I have a tendency to wear dark colors and I don’t feel like wearing reflective stuff on me at night

I As for the enclosure… I don’t want vacuum form and was looking for the simplest way to make an enclosure that looks nice and so I can share what I did since not everyone has or wants to vacuum form…

So the simplest way was to use:

Two square 1inch x 1inch pieces of wood cut to length One sheet of Kydex 4 screws to mount the 1inch wood pieces 9 small wood screws with washers Fake vinyl Carbon Fiber car wrap

I used two wood pieces that were just under and inch square

And cut them to the length I needed to cover the 12s2p 18650 pack and all the electrics… then covered them with fake cf

I left the top and the bottom open…

Then I took some Kydex

Cut it to the width and left it long so I could bend the Kydex to make the top and the bottom of the enclosure

I bent the top and bottom of the Kydex using a small blow torch and moved it quickly over the area I wanted to bend (I used my dinning room table…it’s marble and has a 90 degrees at the edge of the table) … don’t worry abt the Kydex finish lookin messed up since you will be covering it up with Fake cf …

Once fitted (took a few times to get it how I wanted it, Kydex is forgiving) I cut it to shape with sheet metal sheers (super easy) and put the fake cf on it

Go over the all the fake cf with a hot air gun (I use a small torch to do it) so that it shrinks a little and adheres to the surface better and allows you to fix places like corners where air gets trapped … heat it then push it in place…

Once done… I just screwed it down…

The battery was a little taller than the wood I used for the side walls…but that’s a good thing…

They Kydex will bend and it gave it a nice arc as I screwed it down…so take note…if you are gonna arc it over…cut it a little bit wider to account for the arc… I did :wink:

So it’s edge to edge with a neat finish.

And to finish it off I added Carvon logo to the enclosure to make it look snazzy


this is an awesome diy style! love it :slight_smile:

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Loving the light show! Do you have a link to the red lights

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Like a giddy school girl (no offense to any school girls out there)

(No school girls were harmed in the making of this video)

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Here you go buddy

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