Carvon V2 Hub Motor Wheel Insert

Hey guys just thought I’d post this on here cause im assuming other people with Carvon Hubs will have a similar problem. Recently took apart my hub to clean it up a bit, when I found the insert that kind of mechanically binds the wheel to the hub had broken apart quite a bit. Contacted Jerry over at Carvon and he said he would just ship me a new wheel which was super nice of him. Though I wanted a faster fix so I just designed the insert instead and it works like a charm! Anyways posted it on Thingiverse so check it out if your in need of one. LINK

Edit: Would definitely recommend using ABS or some sort of high temp filament as this piece sits right on the motor which can get very hot. So far PLA has worked but I haven’t done any high temp tests.


Thanks man …this would be definitely useful.

If i wanted a new wheel how would I go about reaching jerry

Can u send me one I’ll pay he won’t reply lately