Carvon V3 plans, and also what do you think about hub motor reliability in general?

@LEVer any updates or more info? Patiently waiting for these 116 kV v3s! Also which abec 11 flywheels will you be selling?

Ok thanks for the update. Looks like it isn’t ready yet.

This is so true and a bit counter intuitive. When I was looking at my first board speed and torque on the DIYs scared me because I thought the faster a board goes the more dangerous it is. After riding for several months in an urban environment having extra speed in most situations is a lot safer than not having it.

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Can you provide some examples?

outrunning dogs that find your motor noise especially irritating or threatening and not being run over by cyclists or cars trying to pass you because no one is going to pass you are two good examples i have experienced.


We’re never going to be as fast as cars, but cyclists are sometimes going 20+mph. It sometimes helps to be able to put a little space between you and others when needed. Convenient if you are going to make a turn and need some space. I generally keep it around 20mph for most of my ride, but I do momentarily push for a little more speed when I need it.

I ride often in a road where the speed limit is 25 mph. It is a perfect road with great smooth fresh tarmac. There aren’t any bike lanes or other paths I can go on, so if I ride on the side at 20 mph cars will get really annoyed behind me because there isn’t any room to pass. The cars usually go around 25-30 mph. On this road I busted out the black metal scarlet from @longhairedboy and I have no problem keeping up with cars and going with the flow of the traffic. And to make things more fun, the cars I’m behind or in front of are always snapping photos of me. So in this instance, my fastest board was my safest. This is all given that the roads are perfect and I’m familiar with them, and their mostly just straight. So I can cruise at a constant 30 mph no problem with the cars. Another example of why higher speed is safer at times.

Now to get this thread on track…I’m still waiting on the Carvon V3s, and I don’t have a lot of info about them besides the fact that they will come in 85 kv and 116 kv versions and that you can interchange flywheels easily. The last update as above is they need to re-order the TKP hanger and also need to fine tune the size of the bolt on axle. @LEVer was worried about the stator spinning on the bearing tube…i hope he gets that sorted out so there isn’t any worry, cuz I really don’t want that to happen when I’m going at ridiculous speeds (and that is exactly what I will be doing with this build). He can take his time… cuz if he’s worried about anything, i’d rather just wait until he sorts it out so he isn’t worried lol.

i think being familiar with the paths is probably the single most important aspect of being able to ride safely at speed aside from wearing protective gear.

I’ve slammed into a few fences due to my ignorance of the path ahead of me.


Lever makes some pretty legit stuff. I wouldn’t worry about having any issues with the V3 once they’re released. The biggest issue will likely be that it takes awhile longer before he releases them because he’s busy trying to perfect the design.

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Don’t make this a Jacob hub V2 thread…

Let the suppliers (jacob, Carvon) take their time, to create the best product they can and they are happy with.

Stop asking him for updates. If he has a major update he will probably post this here anyways. No need for them to rush this new product just for you

Definitely not! Which is why I said I’ll wait all he needs for a product in which he isn’t worried about anything and is satisfied with.

Im planning to go for a carvon single soon, my weight is about 150lbs (70kgs). Only flat roads here. Will it work out well ?+ should i wait for the v3 ? :smiley:

I weigh almost the same as you. I ALWAYS get dual even with belts, and with hubs there is much less torque so single wasn’t even a question. If you get the lower kV version you may be happy with a single. But I personally wouldn’t. I like as much acceleration as possible.

I would wait for the V3s though. The v2.5 do (or did?) have a great deal going on them as well and those aren’t bad for torque. Will you be going on hills? Or do you just want more speed?

I’d go for the V2.5 right now if they’re still on sale. It’s supposed to end today sometime. It also depends on how soon you want it. The Carvon v3 is not released yet and you could be waiting a few months. These things are individually hand built, so even if you order a v2.5 now, it’s not like it’s going to be dropped in the mail the same day.

I recently tried the V2.5 and as long as your not heavy or have a lot of steep grades, it will work just fine. I weigh 135lb, so performance will be about the same for us. Good power and plenty of speed. Unless you are very heavy, go up a lot of steep grades, or love breakneck acceleration, the v2.5 single will work just fine. I don’t think the V3 is going to necessarily be a huge increase in performance as much as it allows you to use an unmodified drive wheel.

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I dont like high speeds, 20-25 mph will do. My area is completely flat, 0 hills. I’m planning to build in 4/5 months. These carvons are definitly an eye catcher

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It’s exactly what I’m looking for! I need a small setup to carry it through numberous of trans and busses! Silent will make it only better since it won’t disatract people that much. Overall i like hubs more since you got less worries with parts. In my belt drive i had to make sure every part was attached properly.

Edit - Will there ever be an orangetang edition ? :slight_smile: