Carvon V4 SpeedDrive paired with 9s batteries (or hummies instead)

Hi all,

I currently have a board with 2 VESCs and a lot of 9s lipo batteries which I want to reuse (since motors/direct drive diy didn’t work properly). What would happen if I would pair these (12s) with my 9s batteries? I weigh 80kg and would like a top speed of (at least) 35km/h. Or would it be better to go for the torque version (10s), but I don’t think I’ll need the torque since there are no hills nearby where I live.

If both are not so good an idea what would your best alternative be for my 9s pack? Would want trucks + motor + mount included. I’ve looked at hummies , but not sure what voltage these need and if the rubber around the wheels wont wear down too easily/overheating.

Thanks in advance, I’m new to building these

Edit: If hub motors are not a good solution then what would be my best non direct drive setup?

Theres no reason hubs or dirrect drives can’t be a solution to your problem. As to carvon, I can’t speak for them, but as to hummie hubs, we are working on a speed wind. We have a 78 kv (basically 80 kv) (top speed of 25 mph with 83mm and 12s) and hopefully a 90kv which will bump up to 33 mph with the same setup. You would likely want the second option, since your running 9s. The ones on that site are old and it needs to be updated. Those motors are not for sale but we are working on a bigger version that should start shipping any week now.