Carvon V4 TD Group Buy?

I would be interested in picking up a set of these… just too expensive at current price. Any chance we could setup a group buy?


There was a group by before but it sounded like he really had to convince Jerry to do it (and there really wasn’t any discount).

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Those were for the V4 SpeedDrive R and V4 SpeedDrive XL, I think he means the V4 TorqueDrive

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Yes. The V4 TorqueDrive.

Yeah I can’t believe the modified Koovon hubs can cost the same as the V4 speed drive. It seems kinda crazy to me, and I spent $600 for the XL

Well to be fair, they’re mounted on custom CNC Liquid Truck hangars, and they’re customized quite a bit.

Did I read right that the motors are only 400 Watt each? That can’t be right can it? I though their speed drive was around 2500 watts each

Now everyone is getting confused let’s get some fundamentals straight Carvon Xl 85kv 2250w each motor (lower kV bigger motor ) Carvon SPR(speed drive R) 110kv motor higher speed but smaller motor 2500w each motor Carvon Torque drive v4 75kv 400w each motor used for carvon exo top speed 24 but really good torque @pennyboard you are mixing up carvon torque drive with speed drive r


I was just surprised that the power rating on the torque drive motors was so low, that’s all. But I guess that isn’t a typo and it is indeed 400w

Speed drives are 2500 each correct but this that is a torque drive its basically a koowheel motor but turned into a direct drive and a bit of redesign has lots of torque and okay speed 24mph.

The v4 torque drive is awesome. Been riding it for about about a week or so since we got the first EXO production board going. We tested it on a 20% incline grade with a 180lbs rider and a heavy bag, it was able to handle it like a boss.


I want one :open_mouth:

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Could we still get this to work? would love to get a V4 TD!

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LEVer 9m Posting my reply to you on another thread here so other people can see:

“I’m ordering more TD motors, but the ones I have here are already going to be shipped out. I’ll probably do a Group Buy of V4 TorqueDrives with 10.5” front truck included once I start shipping the SpeedDrive XL."

@Wraith @Bensaida i got @LEVer to respond…Get that wallet and piggy bank hidden …Jerry is on board soon for a group buy I hope …

I’d be looking to get in on this but hopefully there’s an option without the front truck, I already have some surfrodz to go up front

The front truck is actually cheap, it will not make a difference on the price. But it’s the closest width-size to V4TD at 10.5 inches. The V4TD has 11 inches width.

Since some XL hangers are reportedly done, I’ll do the V4TD GB tomorrow. Price is $499 including the front truck. Shipping to US is $25, to Canada is $50 and to Europe is $70. Shipping price may increase depending on final destination. Only 10 orders will be available.


@LEVer Yessss sooner then I thought thank you sir…so happy to read this morning…

It’s on and it’s only $399!