Carvon V4's with Jerry

So today I got to meet jerry and I would like to share my thoughts on the carvon exo and carvon Evo , so I met Jerry today at a park , he was fashionably late.

Never the less he was a all around great guy and he brought 3 boards to show me , I was shocked when he first showed me a koowheel I rode it for the first time thinking it was going to be bad because everyone criticizes it but I was shocked that it was smooth and didn’t ride that fast but good . Next I got to ride the exo and let me say , for everyone who is saying it sucks because it’s cheap China quality it’s not that thing has alot of torque , and just rides amazing , is not that fast the top speed is like 24 I think that’s enough for me and most people ,I do believe Jerry has hit the affordable Market with actual good quality guys so please don’t bash on his for the exo if you haven’t tried it out it’s amazing.

For the finally Jerry let me ride the carvon Evo and let me say this IF ANYONE IS THINKING 4WD DRIVE that is not more than 230+ pounds never even try 4wd that . I rode the standard Evo and man oh man I see why it had a big price , that board is every man’s dreams foc 20+ miles and crazy fast also has launch control reminded me of a Nissan gtr lol , my overall experience with the exo and Evo I think the exo is something that is really good to commute and is fast for majority of the people , now you guys can bash on the "he went the koowheel route " I asked Jerry alot of questions about that and believe me exo is good , EVO on the other hand is so fast acceleration do smooth rides like a champ , dream board if anyone has the doe , I didn’t like to ride crazy fast or abuse the board and was very respectful to Jerry ,I respected the fact he let me ride his products and i would like to thank Jerry for taking time off his day and letting me ride his boards cheers


no offence but your wall of text is hard as hell read. some line breaks would be nice.

but i did read through it, and being part of the V4 drive system group buy, it makes me that much more excited.


None offense taken English is not my main langue sorry , I am working on it !


Insert some nudie pics or something lol


Nah, your English is great. Only thing is for punctuation, there is no space before it.

Your sentence: Hi , how are you ? That’s good to hear .

My sentence: Hi, how are you? That’s good to hear.


I didn’t take any pictures sadly but here’s a carvon meme

Launch control… Woah now I’m even more stoked for that speedrive coming in. Just the combination of sensored and a mad amount of torque I suppose? Or is there something else innthe software going on?

I think it’s a combination of sensored mode with the remote and vesc.They sell the remote on there website.Jerrry told me to press the power button once and I would see a blinking light and I would have about 7 seconds before it goes away if I don’t hit the gas it’s fricken amazing.

Would love to know how that’s done. Sound very cool!

I think it’s the remote that has that feature but requires a vesc ,but needs to be sensored I am assuming , you press the power button on the remote and you see a blinking light , signifing launch control is on @Yecrtz