Carvons Anyone?

Anyone selling carvons v2.5 or v3?

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I’ll be selling a v2.5 single when I get my v3

Is there anywhere to pre-order the v3’s?

How much would ever asking?

already done - was on kickstarter months ago

How much will you be selling your V2.5 ?

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I’m also interested in a single or dual set and will pay fair market value. Hit me up.

last i heard these already sold awhile back… so even waiting for them to come out doesnt matter

Not sure. I think they were $300 new. So probably around $150 depending on how things are going. There might be a number of people selling once they get ahold a the v3’s.

I’m very much interested if you do … Is it dual motors and what is the horsepower? And of size battery should I use?

It’s a single and I’m not sure the HP. I power it with an Enertion Space Cell3. It’s a 10S battery pack. I weigh 135lbs and the single has plenty of power for me. The range with a lot of uphills and rougher streets is around 20 miles. On mainly flats I get into the high 20’s.

:ok_hand:t5:, I really wanted dual motors tho, but I’m still interested if you sell it. Thanks dude

If I recall correctly each carvon V2 was rated for 2600 Watts peak per motor.

Don’t remember exactly. My single V2 doesn’t have a lot of torque or brake power. You have to push start it and foot brake if you want to come to a dead stop. On the other hand it has very little motor resistance so if feels close to a regular board when pushing and if your cruising without power. It does have steady power all the way and will take you pretty fast. In terms of feel, it’s my favorite setup.

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They are NOW posted on the site… I’m sure you’ve noticed, just putting it out there in case somebody comes across this that hasn’t yet noticed! Boom.

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I’m looking for a single V2 if anyone is selling. (UK / EU)