Case aluminium for dual VESC 4.12 mountainboard - sale

Hi, I’m from Poland. I am sorry but my English is not so advanced I will use a translator. I have an aluminum case to offer. It is adapted to dual VESC 4.12 Passive cooling is used on both sides of the regulator. In addition, thermal grease is used.

The place of charging marked on the photo.

The computer used shows the level of charging, discharging, current consumption and estimated driving time. On the side there is a mini USB input. The case is waterproof.

It is possible to change and anodized aluminum.


  • same case

  • with electronics (without VESC) because I could not give them a guarantee.

If there are more people interested, it is possible to design the packaging for VESC6


  • same case 165 € unfortunately making a case and the material are not cheap.

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That’s beaut


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