Casey Neistat taking his Boosted Mini on a Plane

So he just disconnects the battery and puts it in his luggage, but I could’ve sworn they don’t allow cells higher than 100WH on planes. And I’m pretty sure that battery is more than 100wh.

The Boosted standard range battery has only 99wh.

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No shit, my fault for not checking. Thank you

Yeah SR is 99WH the XR is twice that.

Some places you dont even need to disconnect the battery you can just take the entire board with you.

I actually don’t mind Casey at all but that video was pure millennial dirt.


but most of the security people don’t even know the what wh is. if it is diy u can drain it and claim it to be under 99. honestly they dont give a shit.

I remember one guy went through with like 600wh lipo in the waterproof box, he lied about it. (pls drain the battery when u do tho) they need the voltmeter and has to trust whats on label so not really a big deal.

I would carry a volt meter but it actually easy pass.

last time I took 20ah phone charger with me they didn’t even bother to ask. straight through

the XR is twice that.

Interestingly, it has actually more than twice at 267wh. I think they limit the amount you can use though. My guess is they want to increase pack longevity and mitigate the perception of voltage sag. You don’t feel any voltage sag on a Boosted board until sub 10%.


Also the voltage difference damn, i was always told that people felt the new XR made the board faster now i know why

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yeap they have better torq too. i recently found out.standard battery just feels not strong enough.

I am curious how the hell they get that range with 2.5Ah battery pack…


I feel the pain brother. Luckly most of the boosted riders in my group have extended battery so now they have 2 instead of one shitty one lol

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I don’t mind much of short range we generally stops around 7km people get tired. but the speed of standard is also slow, that kinda ticks me a bit.

My wife bought me my first eboard and got me the riptide r1. She told me I can take it on a plane like it was a great selling point. I haven’t been on a plane in 2 years I’d rather have more battery range. As soon as my warranty is up and taking this thing apart.


I totally agree with you! it’s weird how one of the selling point with many boards is that plane thing and I’m sitting here like where’s everyone going all the time. I guess maybe it’s the vlogger style we see where they are always going somewhere because their “work” is not at a store or office most of us are in.

I do have an InBoard M1 so that would be my travel board if I ever go anywhere with a board.


Last year I was flying on average once a week and In the summer I often brought my Inboard while traveling. It was very practical bringing two batteries and sending the board as checked in luggage. The batteries was never a problem to bring through security as it had proper description on the pack. It’s a valid point for those who need it ^^

yeah but those batteries were $250 each, so you paid $500 for what’s essentially 12s2p 25R? It’s a bit of a rip off but you are paying for that ability to take the battery anywhere. I got three batteries when they dropped to $200. Hurts paying that much.

I’m hoping the M2 would have a bigger battery “hole” that would accept the old 99wh battery as well as a larger one.

Does anyone have a printable template/file of the mini s SR battery?