Cast Ronin Motor Mount Adapters

hey there, after I bought this really cheap landyachtz topspeed and equipping it with cast ronins which I tried for the first time yesterday evening, I REALLY think they would go awesome along with my vanguard build. supersmooth carving, I was really enthusiastic about them!

question now: does anyone have 3D files for an older @torqueboards or alien motor mount adapter for the cast ronins? or maybe @psychotiller has something in the depths of his workbench? :slight_smile:


Board #5000 for you. lol Try asking OKP. I think he has one.

after i completely wasted my electrified topspeed, I just wanted a normal downhill board again … without a motor. still had so many spare parts in my room from various boards builds and also other people :stuck_out_tongue:

would like the adapters for the vanguard because I think the ronins are really really great!

i remember okp made some with some silicone mold, ill ask if he might be selling some.

@whitepony You can grind one of the edges and the enertion mount fits great. I have done it for a friend. With the Ronin’s you are right they are awesome and I love them too. I ride them on my downhill Topspeed as well. The downhill guys call the cast ones Cronin’s btw.

At this point I don’t. But I’ve also heard great things about ronin trucks.

Cronins are the best. I saw someone on here grind Paris trucks so that it would be a perfect circle for the motor mount. Then they got a tube and put a slit in it and used it as the motor mount adapter. I don’t have access to a lathe but I imagine this would work. If Jacob hub motors are good I might use my cronins with them.

Oh yes, ronins ar great. For hiagh speeds i also like the SKOA stream7, but a mount for these would be tricky.

I was contemplating doing something similar to this but I’m pretty happy with my caliber trucks after purchasing so many bushings pivots wedges and even riot plugs they feel similar to my ronnin but different at the same