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Cell count...6s, 8s, or 12s?

Hello Everyone,
So I am seeing a common trait in that most boards (that are using off the shelf lipo packs) are usually running a 6s, 8s, or 12s config. My question is which of these is best for keeping things flat, powerful, and easy to charge (so i don’t have to unplug and plug in different packs or carry multiple chargers)

@deadlyrobot310 The configuration of the battery packs and the mAh they hold will have the biggest impact on size. The question of 6s vs 8s vs 12s will answer questions about performance versus size and “flatness.” Overall a single 6s pack is a common simple configuration, and it will be the easiest to charge and configure in a new build. This is because most standard and affordable Lipo chargers support up to 6s, but to charge beyond that you need a more expensive charger. I suggest reviewing the post below for more. Good luck!

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and of course some people are running twin 5S packs or single 10S packs as well. I even saw somebody running dual 10s packs. That box was huge on the bottom of that board.