Censorship at its finest

God forbid there would be some bad press regarding Enertions ever slow supply chain. I know this is technically the enertion forum but still. Poor form I live in NSW Australia and when I order something from a Sydney based company I expect to have it within the week. My only issue is that when I placed the order there was no up front thing saying it was on “back order” or that it was getting posted from China. I wouldn’t have said anything if you hadn’t outright quashed this thread. image


I just want to point out that if you read any of 100 posts in the last 3 months about enertion FocBox’s you would have known they ship from China.

They don’t ship any slower than every other Chinese vendor out there, excluding the Christmas sale.

Lastly there is a banner at the too that shows all the FocBox vendors, I typically buy from them so I CAN get my stuff more local than China.

I’m not trying to insult you or call you it, just trying to explain that this ain’t Walmart or Amazon, it takes time to get the gear to build a quality esk8.


I was about to close that thread myself. We have a forum policy about vendor order threads. Every vendor gets the same treatment. See below.


The thread did devolve in to individual issues ill admit, However it doesn’t change the fact that the Enertion website Should be the place to go to find information about there products. You shouldn’t need to troll through the forum to find out things like there supply chain comes from china and is slow. IMHO the Website is deceitful and needs some work.

That said ill still keep going back to them because of the great products that make and work they have done to support the community.

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It might need some.work but the rest of the statement is innacurate.

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