CES hubless wheels

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I noticed on the FB group that at the CES Aktivo presented hubless wheels, they also showed them on a eSkate.

AKTIVO Scoot’s 1000W hub-less electric motor is by far the most powerful motor in an electric scooter of this category to date. This innovative brushless motor uses a set of 60 magnets to deliver an unprecedented torque output and speed control to take you literally anywhere. Besides looking out of this world, the system features position lights, and braking lights together with a high efficiency ceramic brake.


What do you think?


The larger diameter means far more torque which is good but the thin wheel thickness means the magnets are under a lot of vibration stress. Per weight they should be very good for acceleration but they’ll have rather low RPM, but that is offset by the larger diameter…overall very good performance but they’ll be more prone to the can magnets coming loose or the stater winding coming undone


Is it really tho? Larger diameter normally means less torque when speaking of wheels. Sure the source of power isn’t at axis. Great example i guess would be comparing an inrunner to outrunner, the increase of torque is there but rather minimal.

Also I see a hole where copper could have been. Sorry but this motor is mostly for looks.

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I don’t know if each scooter has 2 of these motorized wheels or not, but it would be awesome if someone here with too much money bought 4 and disassembled them to make a 4wd setup… :money_mouth_face:

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Hollow axles are nothing new (Caliber TKP trucks) but they just took it to the extreme.

At first this comes off as likely mostly a marketing gimmick but I wonder if it helps with stator heat dissipation. :thinking: