Chaging of youtube build and how to get on off switch?

Hello everyone in this topic i have some questions about the circuits in a youtube build i seen.

The youtube build i will be referring to is:

I like his build because it’s simple and seems easy to do, but im missing som features.

missing feature no. 1: how will he charge both of the batteries at the same time(seems to me like he can’t)? and how could this build be modified for and easier way to charge them.

missing feature no. 2: couldn’t he just ad a cheap on off switch from ebay instead of having to pull that plug in and out of the circuit every time he has to ride it…

For your info im very new to building my own electric skateboard! so go easy on me :wink: i have read quite alot in here but i can’t seem to find a lot explaining the circuts

thanks in advance

  1. Easiest way to charge is use a BMS (Battery Management System).

  2. I didn’t watch the video, but the main 2 options for on/off is a loop key or anti-spark switch. Ollin Board Company sells and anti-spark or others can be found. Loop key is cheap simple and effective.

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Hmm seem like he does have that anti park, but he is missing the bms…

The yellow key with the red wire at the top right corner isn’t that just a loop key?

Yes XT-90 Anti spark used in the loop key.

Correct looks like no BMS so he is charging the batteries on a separate charger. That is what I am doing for now until I hook my BMS up. I have 4x 3S batteries and dual charger, so I charge them 2 at a time. Kinda a PITA, but it works for now. All the nice things add cost. I have some videos on my youtube channel

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Ok thanks for the help :slight_smile: Im prob just gonna find some big batteries instead of having a BMS

Thanks again, and cool channel btw