Chain sprocket for 8/9inch wheels - where to buy?

Hi guys

I want to build my own chaindrive, I have nearly all I need. I am just missing the sprocket to mount on the tire. Can anybody give me a tip where I could find that?

McMaster carr Edit: also search on eBay. But McMaster has pretty much everything

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Ok, Thanks Indi.

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Ok, thats also good tip. Great, thanks for help.

Its hard to find something pre-made. That said, its possible to find generic, hubless sprockets and modify them for our purposes. Even cheap HSS bits will work. If you are using ANSI chains, the naming convention is 25A40, where 25 corresponds to 0.25 inch tooth pitch, A corresponds to hubless, and 40 corresponds to the number of teeth.

Ok, that helps. I went to Mcmaster, good source. Guess I will find what I need there. So 25A40 is good info but with what ainsi chain will it work? No. 35 or 40 or?

I don’t find them listed anymore but you can shot @Nowind a pm could be he still have some laying around.

Which wheels/rims you using?

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25A40 means: No.25 chains, A-type (hubless), 40 tooth

What chain size are you using? ANSI #25 chains and ISO 06B are pretty close in dimensions, but not cross-compatible, make sure you take a look at that