Change gearing ratio

I own a LiftBoard Dual/ Benchwheel, and i was wondering how i coult lower the gear ratio to achieve higher speeds, at the cost of torque. Thanks


The easiest way for you to get more speed would be to adjust your gears. You could either get a motor pulley with more teeth or a wheel pulley with less teeth. It’s your choice. Imo I would try and increase the voltage of your batteries so you are not losing torque. Only do that if your other parts can handle the extra voltage tho (motor & esc)

Hope this helps

So if i were to replace wheel pulley, which one would i buy to replace it. I dont know how many teeth the stock one has

Well most people use a 16 tooth motor pulley and a 36 tooth wheel pulley but it’s likely you already have that. Try counting how many teeth you have on the wheel pulley. It might be easier to swap out the motor pulley as you won’t have to try and line up the pulley and wheel.

The gear ratio is 16/46

So if i changes the wheel pulley to 36, would that work?

Yes, try using this speed calculator it’s what I use to figure out the speed

Thanks for the help. I have been looking online but cant seem to find either a wheel or motor pulley. Im looking for either a 20t motor pulley at 3mm pitch or 36t wheel pulley at 3mm pitch.

Have a look on here in the pulleys section