Change is Inevitable

Late braking

For those who didn’t know the domain has been purchased by a principle of the community the legend himself longhairedboy. It’s not trying to replace It will mean less restrictions for the vendors while trying to be more community oriented. It also will provides a level of security for the principles involved. is now part of the gowth and development of this community witch may well end up comprising more domains in the future.


Competition benefits consumers. If you’re a consumer, you want competition.


So we are only consumers…

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Did he say that? No.


My bad. I should have misread this thread about community.

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I’m defiantly a consumer :vulcan_salute:

It’s funny i had the Esk8 news on my screen for awhile i didn’t know it had a forum side till just now. I didn’t explore the page i just would check in every now and then. I just made an account today. It looks nice. I wish i could get back to the home page though from the forums lol idk

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Did you know there’s also a calculator?



I did not thank you @b264