Changing 12s power to 10s?

Hello folks! I have a boosted v2 battery (12s1p A123 battery) and I was wondering if there is some converter of sorts that can dumb down the power a bit so that I can use my 10s ESC and Hub motors on it? Any advise welcome. Thanks!

there are step down converter, but they are usually huge if you want to use our standard currents. Better to use a suiting battery for your ESC, or a suiting ESC for your battery.

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That would make sense. You think I could strip two batteries off the boosted battery and replace the bms to make it work?

Li ion 10s X 4.2v= 42v Lifepo4 12s X 3.6v= 43.2v Where is the problem?


This 10char


I guess the only problem is my math skills. So this will not make much of a difference? I’d be using a 12s bms, a 10s esc and 10s hub motors. XD

Bms counts cells (and volts according to the chemistry). Esc counts volts. Since the difference is meaningless you will have no problem.

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Your Esc has a voltage range for operation. If your battery is in it fully charged, you’re good to go

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Would there be some sort of limiter I could put in place in order to be sure it doesn’t go over the right amount of charge?

If you switch to VESCS, I believe there is a way to run your motors at 10s.

Take a look:

Edit: Accidentally shared wrong link at first

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Okay cool. Ill look into that!