Changing esc to 12s

Does anyone have any idea of how to change this esc substitute to 12s. The seller has directions for changing it 7s and 10s but not 12s. I know it’s possible because the seller is selling one 12s dual version that he modified a while ago. I have this esc now with 6s I just want to upgrade to 12s

Common sense would be to try the fourth possible combination: position 2 connected, position 3 connected :slight_smile:

But on the 12S item, seller tells that the procedure was complicated:

this one was I changed it myself to 12S for my own board long time ago, but still too busy to build it. is the only one piece I got for 12S battery. because the changing method is very complicated, that I dont want to do it again.

I don’t have the board to even try to figure it out but have you tried the KISS method and ask the seller how did he do it?

Yea I did the seller said he didn’t remember how to

Just found this, it looks the same as the one you mentioned only it has 350W of power and capable of 48V? So I guess that’s 12S Does anybody know how this sensor cable is called? I want to buy one but I can’t find the correct name? Maybe if you have the 10S version of the item you said 12S will be okay, I think there’s only a undervoltage protection but you should test it for sience :wink:

If im not mistaken that’s just a 5 pin jst cable


That eBay esc only goes up to 12mph which is slower than my 6s setup now

I’d make sure the components on the PCB are rated for 12S voltages and if so then try what @SilentException said with the positions. And @bartroosen12 that’s just looks like a JST 5 pin 2mm pitch connector.

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I can already smell the traces cooking from all the way down in Florida.


I just don’t want to run the risk of frying the pcb how do I make sure there ok for 12s

I’d look at some of the components on the PCB and look up there datasheet and see what there max voltage is and if they all check out for 12S then try that position combination. No guarantees though so do be careful.