Changing steering stiffness

Hi. I’ve almost finished building my e-mountainboard. I’ve got a problem. I do not know if I am doing sth wrong but I cannon change steering stiffness. It’s really hard to change riding direction. I’ve got normal trampa montainboard, infinity trucks, green rubbers. I am sure it is possible to change, but I am doing something wrong. Point me, please, step by step, how shall I do it, what should spin etc. Regards :slight_smile:

I don´t quite understand what your problem is but @trampa will help you out for sure :wink:

It’s hard to turn and I am asking if it’s possible to make it easier :slight_smile:

If you have yellow dampas, start by switching to those, they’re softer than the green ones. You might also be able to loosen your springs a bit. If that still doesn’t help you can try more… drastic… measures:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: I’ll chceck springs :slight_smile:

Hey @cypa9904, I also have trampa MTB and tried it first without dampas, just with the springs and a bit pre-tension…The steering is very very nice on concrete at slow speed BUT if you go offroad it feels spongy and not good (for me). I’ve added yellow dampas and it’s much much better for offroad now. The steering was better without dampas but I love the stability with dampas (next i’ll try the green ones).

If you use your MTB for offroad (which I guess) try yellow dampas…

Also very important for steering is a good setting of the bindings! In the beginning I had the brackets too much outside, me feet got numb because of tightened footstraps. I moved the brackets more inside and it’s perfect now, I have good stability with loose footstraps and nore more numb feet, also the steering is easier now.

Watch this video, it’s about mbs and old but exactly shows what i’ve described:

And it’s crazy which turns are possible by turning the hip, a bit more pressure on the front foot and extreme lean!

Have fun!


Woah. Amazing answer :smiley: I’ll try what you described. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Regards

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Yeah, and don’t forget bending your knees :joy: I’ve watched and read some mtb steering tutorials and I’ve learned that steering doesn’t work well just with lean like you act on snowboard. It’s about the turn of the hip, the body and head in direction you want to go (and bending of knees, and of course lean :wink:). I’m still no expert and have to learn more about it but the steering is much better now with this knowledge.

Okay :slight_smile: It may be hard but I am going to do it :smiley:

Is it better for you with the yellow dampas? I’m still developing my steering skills and realized my description wasn’t 100% correct. It’s just the movement of the hip, the upper body stays parallel to the board. it’s a strange feeling but it’s possible to make sharper turns with almost no lean. And the body weight is centered above the board so it’s possible to make faster turns without sliding sideways. But nevertheless I also like to lean with some sliding sometimes.

Here is a good description:

Okay. I can make sharply turns but… I have my ESCs burned :smiley: I am sending them today/tomorrow to replace. I hope they’ll accept my errordescription and I’ll be able to ride soon :wink: