Charge Lipo 8S with BMS 10S


I have BMS 10S and 2x4S lipo (in series)

Can I charge (only) Lipo 8S with this BMS?

someone found you can charger lower series packs with higher series bms.

but you need to make sure the charger is for 8s, not 10s. otherwise your bms is going to have restrict the extra voltage / current and will likely burn something up.

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Hmm interesting, did not know that. Do you just leave cell 9 and 10 unplugged?

that’s right, at least that what they found, i’m just going off someone else’s anecdotes. i have not tried myself.

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ok, here’s the source:

it means… I need to test it? Is it possible to protect against the explosion of Lipo? :smile:

i mean…not sure what to tell you…you can use their findings, or test it out yourself if you want to verify, or just get a proper bms. you have options.