Charge only bms's?

any recommendations for charge only bms for 2x 5s 5000mAh lipos. can’t find anything current thanks

You can get a common port 20A version of this

Hopefully you have two months to wait for shipping

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“◆We can design it for various lithium batteries like LiFepo4, LiMn2O4, and Li-polymer etc.” do I have to contact seller and notify them that I want li-polymer or is it a one fits all?

You can if you want to be sure. The one I linked should be correct.

Tell seller “10S lipo” to make sure there is no confusion if you want to.

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no worries, for charging would I need an imax b6 or something like a 42v 2a hoverboard charger be fine?

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Go with the imax. I would strongly recommend against relying on a BMS for balancing unless its a really good one with active balancing.

The cheap BMS balancing method is to wait until each cell is at 4.21v and bleed off extra current as heat until the other cells catch up.

A good hobby balance charger will keep all the cells in line as you charge. If you dig into the specs you can see the maximum balance current. Even with an older pack whos cells have different internal resistance values you can charge up to the balance chargers ability to draw down the cells with the highest state of charge.

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I would suggest the opposite, a charging brick and a BMS in my opinion is a lot better.

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How so? A bms that bleeds off extra current as heat is ok?

A single hole in the enclosure for a charge plug is not only much more ridable and enjoyable to use than a hobby charger but it’s also a ton more easier to make water resistant and splash-proof than having huge holes for balance wiring harnesses to exit through, or having to take the enclosure off in order to charge it.

The question is really, do you want to make an esk8 to ride it or just to say you made it LoL

It’s far more usable in the real world with a brick charger.

I’ve done both ways, and since have sold all my hobby chargers if that tells you anything

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Easy enough to add a balance port. I’ve already got some 10s jst-xh panel mounts.

I want to say I made it while I’m riding it. To bewildered strangers standing at bus stops. :upside_down_face:

would these be a suitable option, there located in Aus aswel

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If those are Bestech BMSs that are being resold, then I would not buy them, I’ve had failures with them.

It looks like

but it’s not the same one. I don’t know honestly. Id’ get a Daly BMS becuase you have to be able to trust the thing that’s keeping your battery from being on fire, and a lot of BMSs don’t have cell balancers so assume not unless it specifically says so.

That one I just linked has no balancing and I don’t recommend ever using it for esk8