Charger question

Hey guys, I just got done building a 12s4p battery from 18650 cells and a 60amp supower BMS. I have a charger from my ebike that is 58.8v while my pack is 12s so it maxes out 50.4 (assuming 4.2v for each battery). Could I use this charger without damaging my battery? It says: Output: 48VDC/3A(Vmax:58.8V) on it.

Thanks. I will assume the answer is no until someone replies otherwise.

12s4p pack, you built that. 12s BMS, you hook that. 50.4v charger, you buy that.

I wouldn’t use that charger if I were you. :kissing_heart:

I agree, I thought this charger was 48v until I measured it. Now I am stuck trying to find a good charger that ships to me quickly.

my 10s charger is 54v without load then drops to 42 with 48v seems like 13s to me

Seems legit, but you’re gonna have helleva time waiting for charge. :sleeping:

True. Mine take like 3 hours for 5200 mah