Charging 12s li-ion

Hey dudes, I’ve been reading on this for the past few days and I can’t seem to find a solid solution for this problem. I’ll have a 12s4p 30q pack. I’m also not afraid to put parts together

Are you asking how it should be charged? Are you aware of how lithium (lipo, li-ion, etc.) batteries are normally charged?

No I’m just trying to find a power supply and a converter. I’ve also seen laptop chargers too. But I just don’t trust the cheap stuff off Amazon

So you have a BMS on your pack? I think we need more information :slight_smile: You seem to be assuming we know what you have already.

I managed to snag a couple of bms because I figured that I would probably fry one. So I’m at bms to wall. And get the magical pixies into the battery lol

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Cool, well I think @scepterr will be able to suggest some magical pixie supplies power supplies to buy.

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This will do the job


Thanks you. Sometimes it’s difficult to wade through the information on this forum.


would that charger be able to charge a 12s4p 30Q Samsung cells?

Lol yes…that’s exactly the pack @gravitycarve asked for