Charging 12S LiPo setup

Hi, for now I use 3x 3S LiPo batteries connected to get 6S pack (2 pararrel packs connected in series :wink: ). I have a problem with overheating after 2-3 kilometers :confused: My VESC restarts and loose connection for a while. I just suspect that it is caused by vesc’s overheating. I don’t have space to add additional cooler or radiator-like thing (look at photo; I can’t place vesc close to relay because it is too long - I’d have to resolder motor and power cables in vesc).

Finally, I decided to connect bateries into 12S LiPo pack to lower current so maybe it will help. I ordered appropriate 12S LiPo BMS, and now I’m looking for power supply for it. According to Vlad’s instruction ( ), I want to order similar power supply (in my case 48V, 5A - 240W). Instruction seems to be clear but my knowledge about electronic is not too wide so I would like to be sure of what I do :wink: My question is: Will it work? And is this power supply ok? I wonder about soldering potentiometer to higher voltage. I suspect that not every power supply is the same, so I propably have to figure out where to solder potentiometer on my own.

Has anyone made something similar? Maybe any tips about choosing correct power supply? Do I need documentation of it?

No power supply, get 50.4V Li-ion charger on aliexpress, 5A-8A is about 50€, I bought a 4A for 30€

Hymm… I even haven’t considered buing charger :smiley: Is that ok?

About 35 dollars and 4.5A output current.

It seems to be better option that power supply. Smaller, doesn’t need modyfing, and special enclosure.

Is it ok to charge LiPo batteries with Li-ion charger?

I bought exactly the same charger in 4A :grin: Just get a charging port and enjoy easy and safe charging in combination with your BMS.

Of course, there is no difference. You can use it for Lipo and Li-ion.

Awesome. Thank you very much for this idea :wink: I hope that winter in Poland will be weak enough to enjoy riding :smiley:

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