Charging "12s lipos" 6s at the time

Hello guys,

I have 4 * 3S batteries in series and I’m charging them 2 at the time, using the the balance leads (so 6s then 6s again) and everytime I do that, I am unpluging the serie cable. I was wondering if I could still charge them through the balance leads but without unpluging them from the serie cable ?

and between the XT90 and the vesc there is an antispark interruptor.

I am not sure if I have been clear, feel free to ask questions, thanks.

yes you can charge them through the balance connector you will need to make a special cable though. there are many threads on here about it.

here’s some diagrams to save time.

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Alright thanks, but I only have one charger and because the board’s interuptor is off, there is no risk of the batteries unbalancing or shorting with the others right ?

No. You can do it one 6S at a time. I just use two so that its faster.

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