Charging a 9s3p battery HELP

Yea, i will also have a master switch to disconnect the batteries from the engine so i can push the board without problems (i think there could be some will do some research)

Unless you completely disconnect the motor from the VESC you could have problems, I’d recommend having your board on when your pushing it.

Isn’t it when a motor runs like manually like when you spin it with your hand it creates electricity, is that electricity a problem here

Yes. The back-emf (the generated power) will power the vesc enough to turn it on, and then the vesc will try to brake. It’s hard on the electronics.

You seem like an experienced guy, how could i solve this problem

The simplest way is to just physically disconnect the motor from the vesc if you’re going to push it manually. I personally don’t push, so my experience is limited in that respect.

I will just make one switch between motor and the esc and one between battery and the esc, also i did some calculations last night and the range would be 25km minimum if that’s the minimum range i wont even do it since its enough for a day