Charging a 9s3p battery HELP

This is the battery link

How can i charge this without having to disassemble everything

I want to make a plug in and charge solution for my future board

Also how much would an bms cost for this kind of a battery since i do not want to balance everything out i do not have the time for it

any help is highly appriciated

You mean for two of those in series?

I mean 3, sorry for the wrong title, also the motor is 10s link should it work?

So the correct title will be 9s3p

The motor won’t be a problem, my guess would be that a BMS would be about $60 and toooooootaly worth it

Could you please link some model to me i can not find anything more than 6s on hobbyking

Also how much would an charger cost approx

I’m sure there’s a wiring diagram on the forum somewhere for wiring your batteries in series for use and parallel for easy charging. I’d definitely recommend going the route of a BMS if you feel capable. Boom. Charger is probably about $10-$20

Thanks a lot man i found some bms for about 20ish$ aliexpress one (i guess i can trust it) and my friend has got just the right charger :smiley:

What’s the discharge rate on the aliexpress BMS

Yeah I found a cheap one for about $10 on AliExpress, discharge is only 20A though I recommend bypassing it anyways. I also found a 9S LiPo charger on eBay for $20 as well, though you could also build your own PSU which would charge faster as well.

How complicated is it to do that

also is it safe to charge more than one cells Ah rating, I red somewhere here that it is not

How complicated is it to do which? Bypass BMS or build a charger. If it’s the former than it’s quite easy and plenty of people have shown how to do it.

The later is a little bit harder though it depends on what kind of experience you have with electronics as well as CC/CV converters. If you know what your doing its quite easy like it was for me though if your new to this, it may be pretty hard to wire everything together.

42v charger + dctodc buck CCCV, charge any voltage you want up to 42V

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None so i guess i will have to read a bit also whats a ladder?

Oh lol the later(not ladder, woops) is a term for the second option, the former is the first option. So when I said “Bypass BMS or build a charger.” and I said the later it meant build a charger. Anyways yeah you could do what @scepterr said with a DPS5005 or DPS5015 module depending on how fast you want to charge it, though that will be the more expensive option rather than doing something like a R33 Mod with a PSU and that way all you need is the PSU and a current and voltage meter. @VladPomogaev has a good tutorial on how to do this HERE.

I just read this article and im not sure if i understand it well this bms can do only 25A but the motor is 60A max is that a problem, im not sure will it catch fire or something lol

There are two ways to use a BMS, either discharging through the BMS or bypassing the BMS for discharge. Discharging through the BMS is safer because then you have an extra layer of cutoffs to protect the battery, but you’re limited to the discharge current of the BMS, so to do this you generally have to buy a more expensive one to get a decent rating. If you bypass the discharge, then you don’t have the safety features, but you can use a smaller, cheaper BMS.

I want a bms to charge the batteries for me balance them out etc and for the battery voltages when riding, wouldnt voltage of the batteries be the esc job to monitor when riding?

The BMS will manage your batteries it will balance them and whatever, though it will not have the low voltage cutoff protection or short protection if you bypass it. However yes with the VESC you can set low voltage cutoff so that you can’t drain your battery to much that way though your board will still be on and it will remain on until the battery’s are completely dead and ruined. So you have to make sure your turn the board off which is isn’t to hard anyways lol.