Charging Lipos with BMS

I’m getting two 5000mAh 4S1P 30C with XT90 that I will connect in series with this. Was thinking about getting this BMS and connecting it to a laptop charger like this

It is going to run on a 213kv motor.

Should I dive more into it or is it stupid.

Thank you for your help.

Adding a BMS to your battery setup is great! What do you mean about our thoughts? A lot of people on the forum build their batteries with a bms. I would not use the BMS you listed though. It has a max discharge rate of 10A cont. which is to little. You will either have to buy a higher rated BMS or bypass for discharing. There are a lot of people using BMS from Bestech or Supowersupply. (Including me)

I don’t know what I mean :slight_smile:

What discharge would be great ?

Do you also connect it with a laptop charger ?

Should I take the (29.6v) ?

The calculator says that is how powerfull the batterie is going to be

I would suggest going with the 60A/80A model if you ant to discharge through the BMS. You can use whatever connector you want man, just buy a female and a male and solder them on. However the BMS doesn’t come with connectors if that is your question

As you said, this will be a 8S pack which means you need a 8S BMS for Liion batteries. I would use this one.

and be able to connect that one to a lenovo charger ?

Nope. You need 33.6 V ( 8x 4.2V) charger and that one is only 20V.

I would suggest reading up by searching on the forum about how this works. I am sure there are Lenovo chargers which does 33.6V, if not there are other brands.

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Sorry it does not have to be a lenovo charger. Just a brik like charger

So getting this BMS would be able to connent to a 33.6 V powerbrick ?

Like this

What are they called. then I can search more on it on the forum

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Yea that should work, an 8S Li-ion charger for a 8S BMS. I would search of charging in the forum, if you want to learn more about batteries, ebikeschool on youtube has some great videos.

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Only thing about bestech is u need to order 2 ask around some one might have 1 for sale

Yea you have to buy two but finding someone else on the forum who wants a bms is not that hard.

Thank you so much guyes! these comments are very helpful