Charging port not working

I’m almost done with the electronics on my Carbonated build but can’t figure out why the charge port sparks and shuts down my charger (and fails to charge).

This is the charge port I’m using (not my picture) and I have the bat+ on my battery positive and the bat- on my charger negative port on my BMS. The third prong is not hooked up at all.

My BMS is for sure hooked up correctly, but when I plug in my charger, the port sparks and the charger turns off. Any help is appreciated!


have you actually measured the voltage on the port after connecting the charger (without the battery connected) to be sure the polarity is right? the Bat+ in the picture could very well be the Bat-.

Sometimes the polarity of the actual charger can be different to the port, maybe check that as well.

Yeah. Unless it came as a kit, they could be inverted.

Yea i checked before i hooked it up. Polarity is right.

I also tested the third prong which didn’t get any readings

Bumperino for any ideas. I’ve already half concluded the BMS is faulty.

@Jinra Did you end up solving this?

I am using the same connectors and am also having problems with sparking when I connect the charger.

I did solve it though i don’t remember what the issue was. Note that if you plug in the to the board before plugging it into the wall, it will spark due to the voltage difference (0v vs ~30-40v)

Hey I have the same issue, did you fix yours?