Charging question please (Exway X1)

Hi guys,

So this week I’ve developed abit of a habit to ride my Exway early in the morning and evening. I just got back from a + - 8km ride and I’ve got 50% left on the board.

Is it advisable to charge when lower than a certain percentage, in which case I can’t do the same range tomorrow, or am I able to charge it again now!

I’m just thinking about the best way to “treat” these batteries

Thought I’d share a pic of my board too :smile:

Thank you again image

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The best method of getting longetivity out of your pack is to only charge it to 90-95%. I don’t think it matters at what percentage you start the charge.

With that being said most batteries are rated for 250-300 full cycles. That’s close to a year if you charge everyday. I just charge my batteries to 100% Everytime a year of use is more than enough for me. Plus I only charge every other day so I could get more use out of them.


Thank you for that

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word of advice. When the battery says 50% you don’t actually have half the range again. You try that 8km ride again and you will be walking home. Lipo don’t mind being charged from 50%.

Do a range test on the thing to understand the absolute limits or you will suffer from dreaded range anxiety :grimacing:


Absolutely, I never would do more than 10km at a time! So I’m effect, I theoretically should have at least 20-25% battery left including battery sag.

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