Charlotte NC skaters

Looking for any NC skaters in the community.

Message me Im starting a facebook group as well and would like to get some meets set up.

I’m down in Atlanta if you ever make it down here. I’ve been meaning to try to set up a group ride

Pm me or text me

Are you in Charlotte?

Charlotte e-Board Crew

My facebook

you can contact me there i will send you my phone number

im Juan

I dont ever go that far. however its possible i will be going down there for imagine at the end of this month

We have a small group in Raleigh NC that I ride with. Diy Longboards, boosted, onewheel, etc

sweet. do you have a facebook link? ill join it and try and make it for a ride one day.

I am not sadly

Hey I know this is an old thread, but I’m in Charlotte with a board until next Friday if anyone wants to ride. I’m trying to find the good areas around here.

…same… My final stop and chance to ride while on my road trip will be in Charlotte tomorrow…sunday… Anyone around for a ride?

I’m in Statesville NC. Got another buddy with a board. Trying to find others

Raleigh and Wilmington are my locations unfortunately. Just wanted to let you know there are dozens of us lol dozens I say

:joy: dozens. Raleigh and Wilmington would be fun cities to cruise around. :call_me_hand: