Chasing Time | HAYA | Venom Magnum MACH 1 | Surf Rodz RKP 200mm | OKP/UNiK mounts | Unity | 12s4p VTC5A | SPARKLE

Hey folks,

I’m chasing time, everyday some good things happen, but some stupid stuff too. That’s why I chase time.

I sold all my street boards and really wanted to support the HAYA project. I’m proud to be one of the guys that got one at home. But well, what I’m gonna do with it. I thought about it as I already got through most of styles and I decided to go for a street racer. Well, an insane street racer.

I will post photos of course and update accordingly. It’s night here in Paris.

I already got

  • Haya deck
  • RKP Surf-Rodz 200mm 45° baseplate & 60mm axles
  • Bears 10mm bearings
  • My UNiK wheel pulleys. 32T

I’m going for a dual mount of course, probably dual rear. I will redesign my mounts accordingly.

For the motors, 6374 would be a strong choice, maybe better than 6355… Probably 12S4P with Unity.

Well, that’s where I am. Help me to make this board a street rocket and give your opinions.

Cheers !



If the truck length has space for dual 6374 go for it!

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Second that. You want to leave them in the dust.

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yeah, I’m not that familiar with SR RKP @psychotiller but 200mm seems short for a dual sealed sensored 6374. Option remaining would be to go for dual diagonal but that’s less sexy, or find out if I cannot go for longer axles (I have 60mm so far)

Excited for another @okp build thread!

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When you account for the extra width the 80mm or even 90mm axles the surfrodz use, there’s more than enough room.

with the mounts on the hanger, you end up with 196mm of space between the mount plates for motors. How many motors that we use are longer than 98mm?


awesome. So 80mm is the way to go. Seems another sick boards order on its way!

damn. they got either 50mm or 60mm. Means I need extenders ?


No. You need to order 80mm axles. Surfrodz and I have them.


Thanks ! I will send them an email unless you got 4 to sell !


I have 4. It would be $20 plus shipping. PM you address again.


Back to the wheel choice. If this baby is for racing, it may deserve some better shoes to honor the DH scene. What about

or Seismic Speed Vents 85mm

What ya think? of course, I’ll design the pulleys from scratch too to match the wheel pattern, which will also incluse a bearing in the pulley… possible with the 80mm axles I assume. A 15T/30T which equals to 2:1 with 78mm wheels on 12S on 190kv will give me minimum 50km/h weighted and 55km/h with 85mm wheels.

I’m also going to order the cells at my NKON.NL. 12S4P, well 50 cells more or less. Probably VTC 2600mAH / 30A. Any advices here to ? That would give me a 10.4AH pack on 12S.

@chaka you are one of the knowledgable real world DH riders, any advices from your side ?


Please make a pully for either of these wheels they are well known in the DH world … preferences is to it’s own. I prefer seismic…


Yes, that’s my plan !

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This is very exciting to see you build this. I’ll be watching cheers okp


Ok so I just spoke with my friends that DH all over the world one is a pro rider for landy and they say right now they feel the magnums are the fastest wheel on the market but seismic has the record so that is what i got from my boys …they say those are great pics for a solid grippy fast wheel but magnums seem to be the more popular choice for the racers…cheers okp

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So let’s go for the Magnums. I’m going to order a set right now and start working on that.

edit : order placed, waiting for the wheels :wink:


Swwwwwweeeeet. So awesome cheers

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Would be great to have more wheel options and pulleys for them

yeah Roman. How many teeth are we looking here ? 32T ? 30 ? As I will start everything from scratch, I’m open to anything. We just need to avoid going too big, as we need to keep some clearance due to the 78mm wheels.

32T was fine with my Amhyo Akasha’s but happy to get something different done if that’s more relevant.

The torque should be great so 32t seems a good starting point