Cheap 10s bms’s for charge balance only?

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Anybody have experience with cheap 10s bms’s like above used for balance charging only?? Anyone know the balance current on these particular units? Cheers

I’ve got the left unit, haven’t gotten to test it yet. balance current should be around 50-60ma.

Thx for that. I’m a bit bamboozled by the right (second) one, Do you know where you would connect Charge negative??

You plug it into the p-

Thx again, I was confused as most I see have a 3rd connection for charge negative… So current would be flowing in the reverse direction while charging, than while discharging?? (I won’t be using it for discharge)

Yes. 3 leads allows for control of charge and discharge current individually (15a charge…80a discharge) while the 2 wire does not. No big difference to you as a user.

I’ve heard of the right one to burn up on a few occasions, all by the same guy tho so it might have been user error or just a dodgy seller

Cheers Pat. As chatting above it’s not clear how to wire it. Trdolan has helped out there. It’s odd it doesn’t have a separate charge wire or solder point. Do you have any experience with two wire bms’s?

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Yeah, it’s like he said they use the c-/p- combined some bms modules are like this, idk why maybe save money.

Edit: I see your in Aus, where abouts. I’m near Albury/ wodonga

Cheers again, I’m only using it for charging so this is not really a concern. But I asked him this in pm, So when charging, the current is going in reverse to discharging. While charging I’m assuming it balances (with hopefully around 60mA) It wouldn’t try and balance while discharging would it???

Fremantle WA

Damn its a bit far lol. And nah it won’t balance while discharging, although it would be cool if it did as you would then get an accurate reading of cell levels when measuring just the total voltage

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Be carefull, some dont have balancing

Cheers, ultimately I’m so paranoid about any of these I’m planning to put all the balance wires in a terminal strip. Reason, so I can actually measure them with a multimeter and check for cell drift. I imagine most people never actually check and wouldn’t know if their cells are balanced or not…

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And the reason I’ve bought the second one. Neither have arrived

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The first has balancing as well and is much cheaper. I prefer to order on ebay as you can claim the money back through them

Oh crap, I just ordered 2 of these and it seems they don’t do balancing

Crap, if your not in a hurry im making a big order with bestech soon

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Thanks man, I will let you know.

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How did you find out they don’t balance??? I don’t get why some don’t or wouldn’t balance… Question… if anyone can answer… Why would they have all the balance leads connected if not for balancing?? There are components for each balance lead, what do they do if not balancing?? Faulty cell detection is the only other thing I can think of…,

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